ID (Purpose) Midi? Music request

Does a Midi for Awakening’s final boss theme exist? It’s a pretty a good tune so I’m a bit surprised I can’t find it. Well, I did find this very simplistic midi for teaching people how to play it
But I can’t really use that as battle music in my game. Could someone with musical talent create a more realized Midi of the piece? Or if it has been done before and I just haven’t found it, point me to it.

There’s one on NinSheetMusic. They’re more intended to be played on piano so they don’t tend to use more than two channels. Or four for quatremains, I guess.

I actually found that page not long after posting and tried it in game. It doesn’t sound quite as good as I was hoping for.

There are several arrangements on MuseScore. Don’t worry, there are ways to download songs from it without paying for MuseScore’s unethical subscription service.

I did find that website too, but didn’t want to put y bank account on the line even though there’s a supposed free trial. How do you suggest downloading from there without subscribing?

This is the Chrome extension I use, I installed it years ago and it still works. No idea what the new LibreScore version is.


That managed to work excellently. I even managed to pick up a Tearring Shadows midi too.

Be aware that the ethics of using someone else’s transcription without explicit permission are dodgy at best. Many MuseScore contributors have a policy of disallowing reuse, with or without credit.

I don’t see an option to send messages to a MuseScore profile. The only options available seem to be “Share”, “Gift Pro” and “Block this User”. But surely if there’s a block feature there must be a message feature? What would the point be otherwise?

I think as long as the user doesn’t forbid reuse like Yasako said, you should be okay to use it if you give credit. Worst case scenario, there is a 1% chance they may come after you and ask you to remove it. I feel like there is more of an “intent to share” if you upload a composition itself. There are many musicians who remix preexisting songs, and part of that process is typically deconstructing at least the melody so such remixing musicians can play it themselves. Most Musescore contributors upload sheet music so other people can play the song on piano. They want others to do stuff with it. Most people who upload remixes to Youtube or some other AV sharing platform want others to listen to it.

Ultimately though, neither of you owns the song, Nintendo does. Typically Nintendo takes down direct uploads of its music to Youtube, but there are tons of Nintendo arrangements and covers on YT they seem to let be. (There are even Nintendo remixes I’ve seen ads on🤔) Speaking of remixes , the one fanmade arrangement, “Destroy the Dark Power” which I used in my huge port of Mario and Luigi soundtracks to NIMAP I felt more comfortable using (crediting the arranger in my thread’s OP) without explicitly asking permission because some YouTuber had remixed it and included a link to the musescore page in the description: Destroy the Dark Power DS - YouTube

Yeah, I have credit given in the read me, if someone really cares I’ll remove it at request, but ultimately when it comes to ethics, I’m outright using a ROM published by Nintendo and taking their code and presenting it as “my” fangame. That’s a much bigger ethics violation than using an arrangement of an existing song. But, it’s internet decorum and respect as we’re all minor creators putting our heart and souls into this stuff.