I used Nox to reset FE Heroes around a hundred times yesterday. Now you get to pick my team

Title is what’s going down. I have several solid teams to choose from, including two made of new units from the recent additions. I was not able to get Seliph, but I obtained Ephraim twice (Gave that account to a friend in chat), Eirika once (TOSSED, she sucks), and the holy grail of new units… Julia! She’s godly.

So without further ado, here are the teams I can pick from. You vote and tell me in the strawpoll below which one I should do an LP for here on FEU!

First up is my main account, the one I wasted $36 to buy orbs on. (Protip: Don’t. Resetting is much faster and easier, plus doesn’t cost money. Use Nox.) I’m not actually going to play with this account, it’s just a reference for what I started with. Three red heroes… yuck.

Alright, so that was my main, next I created another account, ended up with this one. Meet…


I’ve played with this account as well. It will not be on the strawpoll, right now I’m just bragging since I just spent close to 18 hours doing rerolls for a fucking mobile game. Let me have this, alright?

Okay, next we have…
TEAM FOURSTAR! All right it’s a shitty pun, lay off. Despite having no five stars, this team works amazingly.

So up until this point, these have been teams I played a lot. Now for the brand new teams I haven’t played with at all… these teams were all formed during my reroll saga.

First off Team #1: TEAM JULIA THE MAGA NAGA!

If you’re interested in learning about the newly released characters, this is the team to pick! Julia is easily the best of the 4 new heroes, sporting a tome that is effective against dragons at 2 range, deals 14 mt to their faces, and has the binding blade defensive effect! Coupled with a decent bowman, a badass lancer, and erm… Roy… this team may just end up kicking ass! Lots of rolls are ahead in its future, are you curious to see where it goes? VOTE TEAM JULIA!

Next up, another prize winning team, one that gave me a unit I craved for the last two weeks…

Everyone, meet team AZURA OF THE HAWKEYE!

With the greatest dancer of the two existing ingame (Maybe, sort of, her skills aren’t actually that great but WTA against red lords!), Azura brings along a four starred Hawkeye, Camilla, and Wrys as well! This team is formidable out of the gate, but perhaps someone even more insane may appear in the future to kick one of our beloved members out?! We won’t know unless you vote for TEAM AZURA OF THE HAWKEYE!

Next up, we have another one of the new units the micro-expansion has unleashed, Team EPHRAIM THE BRAVE!

Ephraim is the third worst of the new units, but any deficiences he might have are made up for by this allstar lineup of supporting characters! With two brave weapon users and a wielder of an armorslayer, only the might of a literal dragon might put an end to this team! Will we replace anyone with an improved unit? Will Ephraim stop thinking about boning his sister and/or his best friend, Lyon? Find out when you vote for TEAM EPHRAIM THE BRAVE!

And finally, I’ve saved the best for last, a team that actually has two five star units right out of the gate, both in the A class tier… prepare to clap your hands and slap them together for TEAM WAIFU TITTIES!

This team is not named such idly… no sir, this team has two lolis and one especially big breasted chesticle waifu just waiting for you to slap that vote button! Hell, if need be, we’ve got Hawkeye, Ogma, and Donnel just waiting to be deployed in the rearguard! This team will surely be fire out of the gate and filled with many devastating moments. Want to see them played first? Make sure you vote for TEAM WAIFU TITTIES!

Alright guys, so here it is: The Strawpoll. Vote whichever team you want to see LP’d, and I will get to work on it… after I wake up in a few hours. Happy voting!

Voted team Azura and im glad I did.


Seems that TEAM JULIA THE MAGA NAGA won the contest… with a whopping 6 votes in, this is proof that this will be the hottest of hot topics!

This is who we spawn with, so let’s examine our starting units.

Julia is obviously the powerhouse of this team. She snipes dragons at range, and blue dragons will especially fall prey to her. This is good because in the current meta, blue dragons are the normal counter to people who have falchion users on their team, as all falchion users are red.
Julia has very strong Magic and Resistance growths, so we’ll be seeing a lot of both. She should, ideally, hit 40 atk by around level 25 or so. Possibly earlier. We will see.

Next up, we have Niles. I expect either he or Roy will be the first to be replaced, and probably Roy before him. Niles is okay. He does deal a lot of damage when his ability activates, (A bonus 80% of RES based damage) plus he can get a passive that boosts his RES by up to 6 points when he attacks, making him ideal for sniping pesky mages. Still, there are better archers. I’d prefer Gordin for his Brave Bow, or obviously Takumi.

Next let’s look at Sully. She’s okay, honestly. She’s going to be great at wiping out sword users… and not much else. Sapphire lance is good, three movement is good, but I’d much rather have Azura or a blue dragon in her place. She’ll probably be the last of the main three I aim to replace.

Finally we have Roy. Roy as a 5 star unit is pretty okay. Roy as a four star unit sucks tremendously. His PRF weapon is everything, and he doesn’t have it unless he starts as a 5 star. He will be the first I aim to replace, enough said on that.

Alright, those were the introductions, let’s move on to the next part… playing the game!

This earlygame will be just a bunch of levels, so let’s start by rushing the prologue.

The nice thing about this team is that however weak our starting lineup might be, at least we have full color control plus a colorless bowman, so the earlygame will have no challenges at all, so long as we pay attention to enemy composition.

Our very first level of the run. Off to a fantastic start!

As you can see, Julie demolishes enemies at the start of the game. Will this continue to hold true later on?

…Well, at least she hits hard.

Sadly, Roy gets the best level of our starting units. Niles didn’t get squat, this round.

Fliers of all three colors VS a bow user. Niles is going to make up for getting nothing last map.

I shoved sully with Roy, which is sadly Roy’s best utility right now, and he took some heavy abuse on that first turn. He’s alive though, which is all that matters!

Petition to rename to TEAM NO-STATS.

Gem weapons are great because they double weapon triangle bonuses and penalties. They also suck because of this, if you’re inattentive. The nice thing about Sully is she has 3 movement so it’s easier to rush her in and pull her out to deal with sword and axe users. She’s also pretty tanky in the earlygame, at the least. Another fun fact: Raigh is the only playable unit with a cav-slaying weapon, so in the arena, a team of cavs can use their movement to employ dirty hit and run tactics.

But hey, we’ll save that for a future LP.

4+ stats is always a good thing in this game.

Can’t wait to bench you.

This map would ordinarily be annoying with the starter team, but with Sully and Julia, it’s a piece of cake.

Miles only has 9 attack. VS a level 1 enemy archer, he barely does a tiny amount of damage.

As long as she always gains attack, I’m happy. She’s going to be my main damage dealer in the arena and the midgame+. Well, she already is, but whatever.

Perhaps I’ve misjudged you…


I removed everything from spoilers because they squished my images and made them ugly.

Now for Chapter 1’s maps!

Oh look, an EXP slurpee right in front of Julia!

No atk, but several other important stats.

My units are fantastic!

This next map is lame. I usually autobattle it because it’s so dull.

Finally, something Niles can kill at full HP without whittling it down first. This is only because his ability will activate.

…Gordin would never shit inside my heart like this.

Julia is fucking insane.

Oh look a map for feeding kills to Julia and Niles. Perfect.

Words not needed.

Some people say Linde is a top tier unit. Some people are stupid. Well, to be fair, she was until JULIA BRAVEHEART arrived on the scene!

Niles is the sort of feller to look at a bench and say “wow that looks comfortable, mind if I sit there forever?”

I don’t really like this map. The terrain is annoying to work around. It’s not difficult, it’s just… not too fun.

No, Miles. I deserve better. GET ATK YOU STUPID SHIT!

Sadly, Roy has been my most consistent leveler during this LP so far. What does that say about the state of the world we live in?

This map, usually an annoying one, is a piece of cake with Julia here.

This is a good level but in the future, focus on atk please.

Roy finally has a bad day.

WOO! It’s all fun and games until the player mentions the bench!

LOTS of goodies to grab after beating the prologue and first chapter. Yoink! Having Niles on my team also means that beating 1-5 gives me 500 sapphire gems for leveling up a blue unit later on. None of my current units are worth wasting that on, so who will get it? Only time will tell!

Oh hey, this is new to this update. A whole bunch of Eirika/Ephraim/Julia/Seliph based tasks have arrived! We’ll play their paralogue once we’re sufficiently leveled.

And thus ends chapter 1!

I decided to skip through chapter 2, only looking at the levels of Julia since I know she’s endgame material.

I don’t care about Virion even slightly but hey, free hero feathers for later on, right?

Also, those two celebration maps will net me 12 orbs in total for both difficulties. I have 16 now so after I beat them…

Her level on the first of those bonus maps.

Twenty two orbs… let’s DO this!

By the way, I was wrong. Ephraim is the second best of these four new units, but that’s not saying much. He isn’t nearly as good as Julia, and the both of them have no synergy.

Goals before I summon: I’d like to get Azura, Hector, Takumi, Nowi, Ryoma, any brave weapon user (Especially Abel/Gordin), Elise… basically there’s a bunch of good heroes that would really complement Julia. I will not be picking greens intentionally, since Julia is all the green I need in my life.

First goal: Replace Roy, followed by Niles, followed by Sully.

Let’s do this!

PERFECT! No greens, which I don’t need. I have a good feeling about this. Let’s start with the reds.

Eh. Not very useful compared to my current lineup. Here’s to hoping for a better red.

Just in case you thought I double-posted the same image. Fuck this game sometimes.

Alright… let’s go for the greys next. Gimme something good!

…She’s okay. I’m probably going to keep Niles if I don’t get a better colorless user, though mounted healing is always cool.

Great, one trash archer to replace another. On the plus side, I could merge him with my other two Virions and have a decent number of SP.


Sigh. The blue was a trash 3 star as well.

Welp, guess it’s back to the grind to get another 18 orbs! Better luck next time!

Fuck it, decided to grind offscreen a bit. Grinding is boring anyway, we came here for tactics, strategy, and terrible jokes!

First off, here’s /ourgirl/ now.

Who says women can’t be badass? She has 32 atk at level 15, wow! She might hit 40 before the level 25 mark, just as I predicted! Her other stats aren’t amazing, but her ability to heal allies when she attacks is actually very useful!

Miles is quickly becoming my go-to mage killer, but he sucks against everything else, and barely is competant VS fliers. He needs to be replaced.

Sully is okay, but her damage is dropping off rapidly. She can’t one-shot sword users anymore. She’s in dire need of a replacement.

Roy is just OK. Remember, even at 5* rating, he’s only above average at best. Without the Binding Blade, he’s below. This team is carried entirely by Julia, and they need another main figure. Roy is not our boy for that job.

OK, so here goes… another 20 orb summon!

FUCK, so many greens! Total waste if you ask me. Oh well, might get a Hector or a Camilla or something. They’d be better than my current units!

We’ll start with blue. Come on, baby!


Now for the colorless orb! Takumi or Gordin, even a three star Gordin, come on down!

Uhhh… well okay then, we got tits mc’gee! And she, apparently, is a damn heavy hitter, rated very highly on most tier lists! Goodbye, Niles!

Now for three greens in a row. Hngh.




Welp… that was underwhelming. I guess Julia stole all my luck! But hey, I got one decent colorless unit, that counts for something!

Time for another summoning session! Getting slower and harder to grind for orbs, so if this doesn’t give us a good Roy replacement, let alone a Sully replacement, nothing will!

This is a very balanced pull, sadly Kagero has become such a god, along with Julia, that I can’t see myself replacing either one.

Let’s start with the red.

ALL RIGHT! Not the most amazing unit, but far better than Eliwood-Lite! He’s mounted which is always a plus too! Coming with Ruby Swd means he already has Roy’s +20%/-20% WTA/WTD passive built in. The rest of his skills are ‘meh’ but he’s good enough for now!

Now for blue!

Hnngh… she would be better as a four star, but even this is likely going to be better than Sully as-is. Might be a keeper, we will see.

Green is next. I don’t really need a green, but who knows?

HOOOLY SHIT! I’ll make this work, I promise! Goodbye Roy and Sully!

Now for both colorless orbs.

:confused: I already replaced you once, go away.

OMG! I… I am debating keeping her. Kagero genuinely is amazing, and better than Stahl for the most part too!

Shoot, quite the dilemma on my hands here. I got three four stars and one five star though, crazy pull!

Two greens and two colorless??? Is this really the team I want to use?!

I recommend you to include a Red unit or a Blue. Red units are fairly common in the Arena, so they will screw your Green units.
Also, the “final boss” is Green.

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Actually, I did! I stopped posting because nobody was responding, but this is my current team and level composition!

The neat thing is, Stahl tanks hits like a champ, but in reality a blue unit would indeed be better. Azura would be the best unit, but since I have two greens, I’m weak to reds and need a solid unit to crush that color group. Any blue would be better than Stahl, generally speaking.

However, I’ve also been playing the MerricXElise team… look at how this has turned out.

Yep. I have one 5* of each color, and Elise for the holy trinity. However, I decided Kagero was more valuable than Seliph, no matter the novelty of using a new hero. I’ll probably level him later, but he and Eirika simply don’t interest me.

Well, almost nobody plays FEH here.

Kagero is way better than Celice, just because she has effectiveness over foot units.
Also, Eirika is a support glass canon. She does massive damage, but barely can take an attack, the good thing is she gives +3 Atk and +4 Spd to allies.

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A handful of people play FEH, myself included.

Something to note is that character stats at 40 are predetermined, so bad levels aren’t as bad as you think.

Actually, they work kinda like Pokemon but much simpler.
Each stat can be high, medium or low, that’s why two Hectors or two Marths don’t have the exact same stats at lv. 40

Yeah I said character stats were predetermined, not all characters, and even then we know what they’ll end up being.