I think I found a new FE7 enemy stacking glitch (Has anyone ever seen this?)

Stream Clip: I Discovered a new Fire Emblem Glitch - YouTube

I was playing FE7 on stream and when I brough Lagult closer towards the boss in the fog when I realized that the boss was on top of a armor knight that had just spawned. Because of this there was two units on one tile making it so I couldn’t view the bosses stats and I wasn’t able to attack the boss.

This was on Eliwood Hard mode.

Has anyone ever seen this glitch before?

Just kill the armour knight? Afaik the AI is bugged if there are two units atop each other and only the top will attack.

Making boss with multiple healthbars possible.

Well at least this works in FE6

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Not in this specific chapter and in FE7, but I have encounterd this glitch before.

Somehow, Oleg moved on a spot that would also load reinforcements. They stacked because of that. Interesting find. XD