I screwed up hard

Well, I used the +9 movement code to clear a chapter, but now… I CAN’T GET RID OF IT!!!

I removed the code, but it still works for some reason?! How to get rid of it?

(Playing on John GBA Lite Emulator)

Is it gameshark or codebreaker? For both, you can simply counteract it by changing the hex value of the code to a normal number.

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It is Gameshark

Once you apply a cheat you cant undo it by just removing it you have to use another cheat code or edit this one which gives you the exact move you want (it doesnot matter which code previous was game shark or code breaker). What i mean by that is it doesnot have to be game shark to undo it, it can be code breaker as well. If you tell me the move you want i will search the corresponding number for you.

If you dont have detail understanding of cheat code dont touch gameshark codes they are really bugy but code breaker is fine

For code breaker Search for move code and editing the last 2 digit determine the move number

for eg if the last 2 digit being FF means you wont move
The last 2 digit being 01 means you move 1 tile extra and so on, dont touch the 2 zero in front of last 2 digits it cause unexpected result

Warning if you move the unit more then 15 tile game bugs out and sends them in random tile or freeze or even out of map

Ok i tested in your case last 2 digit has to be 00

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Last 2 digit 00 should fix it

So, I have to put a CodeBreaker code with last 2 digits be zeros, so I can make it back to normal?

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Yes idk if i can link the site but worth a warning i guess
Pick the slot move bonus and replace zz with 00
once the move bonus is removed you can remove the cheat safely

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i will give a warning in advance dont use class code and swap character position then turn off or remove the cheat it will change the character which swaped into a bug class named nothing doing anything with it viewing its stats map potrait or anything involving it crashes the game

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Just needed the movement code.
It worked and my units have normal movement, hella thanks.

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Never use game shark again without proper knowledge as you see code breaker are easy to fix than gameshark
The same codebreaker codes can give 15 move if you count and replace the value for eg if a 1 move unit needs 15 move you count as follows
00 for +0
01 for +1
02 for +2
09 for +9
0A for +10
0B for +11
0E for +14
0F for +15
10 for +16
This pattens repeats as 1A and then 2 3 and 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F but like i said anymove above 15 game does not like it

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My wish made me go that way…
Yeah, I’ll think twice before using codes.