I Need To FInd A Few Things [FE8] [Title Screen] [Chapter name]

Alright…So first of, how or where do i find the title screen bitmap of FE8?
Second of, i tried making a new chapter name for a prologue,
i went to fe builder and entered the chapter title section
so i saved the “saved Image” part as below

now, i go to usenti ad edited it and turned it into this…

Pretty neat right?..So i went to Fe Builder and sloted it in… like so,
But suddenly, it looks like this???

As you can see, it looks like some colors are inverted…or something…
so i thought to myself, “agh,it’s just the program…isn’t it???”
But no, I was very wrong… very wrong…so i saved and checked out the rom…and the title looked like…

Where Did I go wrong… Someone, an expert whos better than me by a landslide…please help me…
Also…If you can, where do you find the names of the kingdoms of FE8?
Thank you if you answered, your a big help!

There’s a patch that changes the chapter titles to Text, so you can more easily edit them. I believe it’s called “Chapter titles to text” Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t have FEBuilder in front of me at the moment.

I’m not sure where the Kingdom names are.

Alright I’ll chack it, thank you very much

I mean check it

You can use that in the future if you want to correct yourself.

Also I’m pretty sure your chapter image would have a wrong palette order or something similar, no real reason to bother with them anyway since the “chapter titles as text” patch exists.

Ah, ok i see, thank you,