I need someone to wipe this glitch unit out of existence

So I have a condition where if Bram loses a certain fight, his death quote will trigger an alternate scene before going to the next chapter.
The issue is that the game freaks out if you bring back the main lord back to life through the UNCR code.
And by freak out it causes this glitch unit to appear in the next chapter.

I consulted @Brendor about this and he suggested either wiping him clean from the game’s memory (iirc) or using a replicate Bram for this one chapter.
Since I can’t do both, I’m hoping a wizard could look into this for me to solve this issue.

OK so it turns out that it was actually literally Kishuna (0x3B) that sprung out. and DISAing him got gone.
Except he still mutes all the music even if he disapears. so this is still a problem

Ghast/Idiot Savant - Today at 9:43 PM
i think there’s still residual glitchyness
the prep screen music doesn’t play still
in fact no music plays at all
all music is muted if Bram loses
yup. Kishuna just music sealed me
this is kinda hilarious
but also really annoying
kinda like kishuna

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Does Bram’s death quote trigger ID 0x65? If it does, then that is the reason the music stops. If you look in the options, music will be off(after Bram’s death; you can turn it back on manually). ID 0x65 forces the music to stop and to play the game over music, as well as cause a game over if any action occurs(assuming CauseGameOverIfLordDies is in the events). If you want to get rid of Kishuna, try UNCM 0x3B 0x04 (he will still be in memory, but unavailable during preparations screen or link battle selections). You could just have it so that Bram triggers a different ID when he dies, or use that ASM that Markyjoe1990 wrote(the one that causes the game’s options to be set to whatever you set it up as in the ASM, but this would overwrite the current options)

I tried the different ID method, but for some reason nothing aside from a game over would actually work.
the ASM seems like a good idea though.
maybe I could request a simple ASM hack that forces the music to turn back on as a third option though?

Did you try restarting the chapter then re-triggering his alternate death quote? Is the alternate death quote using a lower number slot than the generic one (alternate uses 0x06th slot while generic uses 0x10th slot)?

the alternate DQ is actually the first entry.
its before the 0x65 DQ.