I Need Some Help

Do any of you guys know of an emulator that works in a browser? (No Download)

I know of this one because someone reported a bug and it only occurred on eclipse. You’ll still need the rom downloaded or on google drive, though. Any site that lets you play a rom that you don’t own directly in your browser can’t be linked here because those sites are violating copyright laws.

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Can I get in major trouble for visiting these websites though or is it their fault for supplying me with the site? Who is responsible?

I’m on a laptop…

How come you can’t download the emulator.

Sorry, but I am not going to advise you on breaking copyright laws. I recommend that you don’t violate them and that you buy the devices / games. Many older gba games can be played on the 3ds or switch, for example.

Hello, mr./ms. Kirby_Inflates

As the provider of the original game file of any game, you are liable for any legal charges made your way due to the possible illegitimacy of your ownership, as these websites and downloadable emulators simply offer an alternate medium to make use of a product, and are not responsible for from where you have sourced your media.

We here, for legal reasons, do not condone the act of piracy, and assume on good will that every hack and every player owns a legitimate copy of Fire Emblem 8 (USA), as well as legitimate copies of other games of the saga such as Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken, and Void’s Bizarre Adventure.

Due to the individual, personal and unexchangeable nature of the games, the Copyright Law Gotoh of the year 1996 states the following on Chapter 7, Page 7, Paragraph 6.

“No, downloading ROMs from direct download sites, linking sites or other illegal sources, even when you own a copy of the video game, is not allowable under the Copyright Act.”

We are also not responsible for any damages you might perceive on your activities.

If your inquiry is based on using someone else’s computer (highly likely a parental figure’s), and are in fear of such program/website being found out, just make folders better.

For all known purposes, GBA Emulators such as mGBA or VBoy do not require Administrator rights to download into your (parent’s) computer, and neither does NUPS Patcher.

Kind regards,

Lesk Lyfeld, Fourth-Tier Andorran.


The laptop is a chromebook. I have a pc downstairs but I only use it for my job.

Thank you for further clarifications.

I think you can still download emulators from the google play store on chromebook. Mine could, at least.

I’m thinking hard on whether or not this is sarcastic or not?..

I don’t really do sarcasm.

I don’t care if someone else downloads roms or whatever, but it’s not something I can encourage.

Uhh how does it being online make it different from offline emulators?

That wasn’t sarcastic I genuinely don’t know

Considering the mention of it being a work laptop, maybe the files on the computer get routinely checked.

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Im a fan of Pizza Boy GBA for the phone. Go that route instead of clogging up a computer that shouldn’t be

The eclipse emulator is online and requires you to upload your .gba rom to play, so it is completely fine.

I also mentioned that there are some sites that let you download gba games or play them in your browser without uploading anything, which we cannot link to. He responded asking if the site owner or the site user is responsible for copyright infringement eg. who could get in trouble. Both parties are at fault, so I responded that I cannot offer advice other than “don’t steal”.

Does that clarify things? :slight_smile:

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i see

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I just realized that I need one that takes .gba files.

All of them do that

I would just put oh but there is a certain amount of characters that I have to put sooo… Oh.