I need help-

I’m currently working on my own fe8 rom hack, and I’ve run into an issue. When I ‘delete’ certain units (such as moulder in his primier chapter,) my rom will still recognize them as in the party. It’s not a huge issue, but it’s a little annoying, and I would like some help. I haven’t seen anyone else ask about this, so I don’t know if this an easily solvable issue?? If you could, I would love the help!

If it helps, I use FE editor as my main hacking stuff.

Don’t use FEeditor, it tends to break the ROMs. FEBuilder is by far more updated and has a lot more of support from the comunity. Not to mention that it lacks the issue of breaking the ROM

Moulder and Vanessa join in chapter 0x3A or something - Castle Frelia - near the bottom of the list.