I need help with portraits

I’ve been working on a long term fire emblem project for a while now. But during production, I have swiftly realized that I have no visual artistic talent. I CANNOT make portraits. I need somone to help make portraits. There is a catch though, I used an Ai program called dream studio to create character designs. So I need someone to tranlate the original design into a fe8 style portraits. Thanks guys.

This may be of use to you if you can’t find any pixel artists or cannot compensate them for their time. It’s easier than the way I learned: splicing by hand in good old MS Paint™, anyway.

I agree with Tea’s post and also if you want you could always use F2U portraits in the graphics repository, just be sure to provide credits.

On the FEU discord there’s a channel for spriting so you can get feedback from there as well.

My advice is don’t let graphics hold you up – you’re likely to get people to help you w/ spriting once you have a product folks can get excited about.

The character creator isn’t a bad starting point, but it would be better to recolor some of the F2U portraits if you aren’t inclined towards splicing yourself as you get started. Graphical assets are pretty easy to swap in and out as you get updated ones.

Good luck.


Thanks, I’ll start working on the actual hack then, I have some pretty decent ideas.

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FYI: The character creator linked by tea is an outdated version. Version 3 of the Character Creator is massively improved with functions like preset skin tones that actually look good, a unique color counter so you can make sure you’re below the color limit (which is 15+background), the ability to set individual colors, being able to export at the proper pixel scale instead of at 2x, and so on. You can find it here: Releases · ValeTheVioletMote/fecc · GitHub

The Graphics Repo is also filled with F2U portraits among other things, as others have mentioned: GitHub - Klokinator/FE-Repo: A public graphics repository for Fire Emblem portraits, battle animations, map sprites, and other assorted graphics people might like to use.


Agreed with working on the product and swapping assets later. I also found just recoloring base game portraits takes about two minutes, but the placeholder helps identity the character as separate from the original game.