I need help with a portrait

So im trying to give a portrait I’ve made a mask to hide her identity for story reasons. I’ve tried a few different styles but i just can’t get it to look good (or even passable). I was planning on doing something along the lines of a white fox mask, but i would really be down for any ideas. I would really appreciate it if someone (of any skill level) would help me out here.


maybe something like that would fit her:

I don’t know how many colours you have left to use, but maybe you can make the red parts black or something. I have the feeling this mask would be pretty good because it doesn’t give a good or evil feeling to the viewer and maybe you want a neutral mask :slight_smile:

Yeah a mask like this would be perfect. I should be able to make it with the white and black ive already used and possibly the red from the eyes. Ill give it a try thanks :+1:

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