I need help creating a Romhack on a Mac

Hello! I am an aspiring ROM-hacker who needs help with getting started. I use a Macbook Pro that has Parallels downloaded. Was wondering if someone could help me figure out the first steps to getting started.

I downloaded the most recent version of FEbuilder, but when opened, cannot switch to English. Does anyone know why?

Would love some input from peers who also romhack on a Mac. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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I don’t have a mac, but here’s how to change languages:
Settings → Initial Setup Wizard (4th button, 2nd button in context menu)


Hello File2ish!

Thanks for replying! I just redownloaded it, and it works! It was my mistake cause I downloaded just one part and not the whole file.

I do have a question to ask the community; a theoretical. Suppose I wanted to build a fire emblem game with no cutscenes, supports, dialogue, etc. Just a basic game with custom characters and an X number of maps. Is it possible to disable the aforementioned features?

You may indeed, I did a similar thing with that Palademblem thing where I went and tossed all dialogue-related things out. In that case though where it was essentially still FE8 it took a bit of effort to get rid of it all, but if you’re starting from scratch all you need to do is just forego the dialogue.

I did that in my personal project. What I did was to delete almost everything on both the start event and ending event of the chapter. The things I didn’t delete were the commands to load both the player and enemy units and the command to call the preparation menu.

As for support, you can go to the support data and remove all the support partners of a character.

There’s also some patches you can install to skip the first few cutscenes of the vanilla game. These videos may help you with that: Creating a Chapter in 16 Minutes - YouTube
FEBuilder - Creating a chapter in 14 minutes - YouTube

Also, XPGamesNL tutorial series is really helpful in case you want to do something specific and don’t know how to: FEBuilder Character Creator Tutorial - YouTube

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