I need an in depth guide on how to make a battle animation

So I couldn’t find a custom battle sprite that would work for the hack i’m making,(male falcon knight if anyones interested) and would like to make my own. thing is I have no fucking clue how to even get started.I looked at some custom sprites i downloaded but that just made my brain cell more confused. I’ve looked everywhere and i can’t find a tutorial maybe it’s just my innate obliviousness but i could use an in depth, easily understandable guide(i.e a chimpanzee with dyslexia could read and understand it)(Does this even belong on here?)

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I think the animation bit in the ultimate tutorial (look for chapter 56) is still relevant.

Basically, every frame of an animation is a separate image, and you use a script to tell the game in what order and for how long to display these frames, as well as where to display effects and play sounds.

You can get a pretty good idea of how these work by looking at existing scripts (exporting them with febuilder).

But if you are just making a re-skin of an existing sprite (like changing the old falcon knight to look more masculine) then you can probably just use the same script - simply export the animation, re-draw all the frames the way you want them, then insert it again. That way you don’t have to meddle with the scripting bit at all.

(e: FEBuilder will also allow you to manually import animations frame by frame, but personally i feel that’s much clunkier than using a script. But then, i’m use to the script format since before FEB existed…)

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