I Made Some FE8 Rebalance Hack Thingy

I made a shoddy FE8 hack that does things to the game.


Is it good? No.
Is it worth your time? No.
Will anybody play it? No.
Will the USP patch work. No clue.
Is this ANOTHER FE8 rebalance patch? Yes.
Did you rebalance the game well? No, but I did stuff.
Is there any bugs? A few.
Did I post this in the wrong topic? Most likely.

That’s all I got.

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why do people post things like this
If you’re going to post something, at least be somewhat confident in yourself :confused:


Any sort of list you could make for changes you’ve made to the game?

Here you go.

Changed class caps
Changed a lot of growth rates
Buffed class growth rates (Making Hard mode impossible).
Buffed some boss stats
Changed some units around
Added the Halberdier class
Generals can’t use swords
Sages can’t use light magic
Druids can’t use anima magic
Vulnerary has five uses now
Some weapons and items are now more expensive
Member Card and Silver Card are now cheaper
Nerfed Seth
Snipers now have extra crit
And some other changes that I can’t think of…

I don’t know why you cared asked…
But I’m pretty sure the patch doesn’t work.
So nobody will play it.

I think it’s more likely that nobody will play it because if even the creator doesn’t sound interested in it, why would we be?

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Because my self-esteem is about as low as Thracia 776’s sales.

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I don’t know anything about Thracia’s sales lol, but maybe you just did this hack for fun, or just to spend time either way, if you like it maybe someone else will, also this may give other people ideas for hacks to so thanks for this! (If it works, LOLZ) Also this is my first reply to a topic! So this is special, definitely:slightly_smiling_face:

Oh by the way, it might be a good idea to make SOMETHING that you find cool when it comes to hacking, then see if you think you can take on a huge project, and yes it can be you making a huge and cool project one day, if you are dedicated enough, this may just be that thing you think is cool, so yeah I will try it out.

Actually it is, like I said, it gave me a vision for a new rebalance series for GBA FE games.

Um, I just did.

Worked for me, soo.

Okay, so like if you plan on continuing this patch and make it good then: I see you changed the rapier to 50 uses (I kinda always thought 40 was a little low, good thing to know I’m not the only one.)
You changed Axes as well, hmm a very interesting hack, I don’t think this difficulty patch is complete though is it?
3 suggestions, if that’s okay?

  1. New music, new music is always cool and adds your own spice to the game, the game is kinda only made for rebalancing, so it won’t really take away from the storyline.
  2. new weapons, to give the enemies to make it harder, that is it for now.

Please try not to make huge multiposts (ie 3 or 4 posts in a row). This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but in general please prefer editing a previous post to making a new one if there is no particular reason to make a new post.

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I know I’m late, but I’m sorry that you played the retarded brother of FE6 ReDux.
Hack is here.
Just play that.
It’s worth your time.

Oh, and I’m sorry if this disgrace of a hack made you lose hope in the FE hacking community.
It’s bad, I know. I did think about taking the download down, but I decided to keep it up because my friends wanted me to keep it up.

Anyway, I’ll keep this disgrace of a hack up.

And I’ll link FE6 ReDux again:

Time to vanish!

You can stop being edgy. Everyone starts somewhere. My first idea was basically the same thing.