I Made Some FE6 Rebalance Thingy

Hello, guys!
It is your (least) favourite Fire Emblem “ROM hacker!”
I made this garbage during my trip to Japan.

Was it a waste of time? Yes.
Did I have fun? Yes!
Should this garbage exist? No.
Did I learn anything new? No.
Do I have more self-confidence? No.
Is HM balanced now? No clue. I changed the bonus levels.

But enjoy this garbage.


I used this to translate the patch:

The patch is pre-translated.
If the patch is messed up, then you don’t have to play this!
The patch is probably messed up somewhere.

I would post this on Serenes Forest, but I’m too much of a coward to do that.

I wish I knew more kanji.

Yes, I know, I don’t have any confidence in this patch. I know that.


I don’t think calling it the brother of FE6 Redux is a compliment


Redux with no patchnotes? Are we Sakurai?


why do you insist on self depreciation; it just makes me want to dislike you

oh you must be the same person I told this to the last time aren’t you

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no patch notes

Will try this later, but please give us patch notes at the very least so we know what you changed.

For some strange reason, people want the stupid notes!
I didn’t add the notes because I thought nobody in the world would care.

Here the things I changed:
Changed character growths.
Gave the King class actual class growths.
Almost all bows have 2 extra might added to them.
Buffed weapon hit in general.
All iron weapons have 50 uses.
The Rapier has been buffed.
All legendary weapons have 30 uses.
The Saints Staff now has 5 uses.
Poison weapons have been buffed.
The weapon triangle is now +/-1 damage and +/-20% hit.
Enemy class growths have been buffed a lot.
HM did not get much play testing, but from my limited play testing, it’s somewhat playable, but I recommend that you play Normal Mode.
Vulneraries now heal 15HP.
Bosses now have affinities.
Class caps have been changed.
The Binding Blade now buffs STR by 5 points.
Nerfed crit bonus to +15 instead of +30.
Nerfed HM bonus levels, enemies will start out with two bonus levels and will stop at five bonus levels until the final chapter.
The Warp staff now has 10 uses.
Unlock now has 5 uses.
The javelin and hand axe requires D rank in their weapon type.
Changed durability on most tomes.
Some enemy positions have been changed.
Some enemy AI have been changed.
Some enemy units have been replaced.
Fae’s dragonstone now has infinite durability.
Boots will now only increase movement by 1.
The Angelic Robe will only increase HP by 5 points.
Buffed the Devil Axe’s might.
Archers now have 6 move.
Soldiers now give the same amount of EXP as other classes.
Dancers now have 6 move.
Merchants now have 6 move.
The arena is now disabled.
I couldn’t fix the shoddy RNG. I’m pretty sure the RNG is rigged in FE6. I missed way too many 70% - 90% hit chances while the enemies can land a billion low percentage hit chances.

I’m pretty sure I changed others things, but I can’t remember them.
I just wish that I could add traps to FE6. That would make FE6 the perfect game.

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just edit the portraits