I just want to say hi to everyone

Good day everyone, I was a lurker in the site until recently, but since i created an account in this site recently, I thought that at least hould say hi to everyone participating in this community.

I am a fan of the fire emblem franchise since I plated the GBA games some years ago (and I’m planning playing all of them) but I wasn’t very aware of the romhacking scene of it until early this year that i wanted to test what it have to offer, patched and played some hacks that looked cool, and I ended pleasantly surprised by it, since then i keeped playing more hacks and ended just amazed by the quality and enjoyment that some of them had.

That said, I don’t have experience with romhacking at all, maybe someday I will learn how to use FEBuilder to play with its capacities, but im fine for now just playing and discussing others’ hacks, so all that I can aport to this community is feedback and opinions, but I hope that is enough for al the talented people here.

So, well… Hi everyone!

(Also, excuse any grammar errors, english is not my first language)


Welcome EMOJI-ARMY hope you enjoy your time here

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