I have an Idea: Bar Removal?

By this, I mean the bars at the stats screen, since they wig out when stats break 30. Now they would be replaced by a /(class cap). Is this possible? Does anybody know how to? Is it worth the removal of the bars for a more cluttered view? I don’t know how, but it would be neat.

You can go into GBAGE and just erase the graphics of the bars (№835 in the compressed image list is a good place to start searching). They’ll technically still be there, but they’ll be invisible.

Is the /(class cap) thing necessary when maxed stats already glow green? I get the utility of letting players know the exact caps of stats, but they’re all 20 for vanilla unpromoted classes and will just clutter the R-menu when they’re capped.

If you are removing the bars graphics, keep in mind these are also used for displaying the weapon experience (I haven’t checked it, but it’s the most probable).

This is, in FE8, at least, where the bars are actually registered to be drawn.

There’s one “draw bar” function, it’d be much easier to just make that do nothing then nop out all the individual calls