I have a few questions

So Im working with FE8 on FEBuilder and I’ve run into some weird issues with staves. I havent tampered with them personally, so I have no idea how this happened. First, the symbol above the unit on the overworld for sleep has been changed to something I don’t recognize.

Other status effects display correctly. Second, while Berserk displays correctly, once the part of the turn for the unit to move comes the game crashes. These likely require a Report.7z.

Then a much simpler issue, I made an extra flying class, but whenever it moves on the overworld it makes the sound of a horse moving. I’m just not sure where to change this.

Thank you to anyone that gives any advice or help. It’s very appreciated.

Here is a dropbox with the Report.7z

And berserked allies attacking crashes the game.

How can I check this?
I want to see the moment of the crash.

Even on 2019/5/24 (May) attached to your report7z, the sleep icon is broken.
Do you have more older backup?
Or have you ever sent me report7z?
The report7z you sent a long time ago contains an older backup, so I want to see that file.

A long time ago, I received a report7z about this stage from you.
But I can’t remember where it is.
If you have this file, please resend it.

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The sleep icon being changed is a skill system thing: one of the random hacks bundled in with it turns Sleep into FE14 Freeze, changing the icon to a crossed-out boot. The old sleep icon probably got overwritten.

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This is the oldest report.7z I can make. The one you are looking for is in our DMs in discord at the very top. If you can’t access it anymore I can send it.

As for the berserk issue. I dont have time to record an mp4 and send it unfortunately. But what happens is the player turn ends and the berserked unit moves and picks a target. Before the combat screen appears the game crashes.

And berserked allies attacking crashes the game.

This is because 0x2b980 was changed to 2019/10/09 5:40 - 2019/10/15 23:07
Since the backup during this period was not included in report7z, detailed date and time are not known.
Somewhere in this range of dates.

Have you installed any strange patches?

The vanilla is as follows:
It seems like a routine related to level-up.
The patch that FEBuilderGBA knows does not change this area, so I think it is an unknown patch.

0802B980 7261   strb r1, [r4, #0x9]
0802B982 1C28   mov r0 ,r5
0802B984 F000 F850   bl 0x0802ba28   //CheckForLevelUp
0802B988 1C20   mov r0 ,r4
0802B98A F000 F84D   bl 0x0802ba28   //CheckForLevelUp

The sleep status icon doesn’t display corrrectly.

this is “HPBars_with_warnings Cache” or “HPBars_with_warnings” patch issue.
This is because the picture of the sleep icon in the image used in HPBars_with_warnings patch is wrong.
The person who created the picture for this patch seems to have changed the sleep image for some reason.

Since the image of this patch will be replaced, please reinstall the patch.
I attach the re-installed ups.


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this is “HPBars_with_warnings Cache” or “HPBars_with_warnings” patch issue.
I fixed this problem.

If you are using these patches, update FEBuilderGBA and reinstall the patches.
The problem should be resolved.

OLD Image

New Image


These are the patches I have installed on the current version. During the time period you mentioned I believe installed the SummonEXP patch and Rogue Robbery patch. What module are you using to fix the berserk issue?

Has the first problem been solved?
It is NOT good to solve multiple problems at the same time.
Please send report7z by another problem so that can reproduce the problem.

Here is the report.7z for the current rom after the past issues (excluding the berserk issue) were fixed. I did some further testing and it seems as though the berserked unit does not crash the game as long as it is attacking an enemy. The crash might only be caused by attacking an ally.

The unit moves and does pick a target, but it crashes afterwards when that target is an ally. The picture aboves shows the berserked unit trying to attack the archer, but the game crashes on this screen.

It is as explained the day before.
This is because you have installed an unknown patch on 2B980.
Please overwrite 2B980 with the contents of FIX.

2B980: 78 47 C0 46 00 C0 9F E5 1C FF 2F E1 51 AA 17 08
2B980: 61 72 28 1C 00 F0 50 F8 20 1C 00 F0 4D F8 70 BC

This problem was also fixed with the UPS that I attached.
But it seems you didn’t use it.

If you want to do it yourself, press F11 to start the Hex editor.
Then press Ctrl + J to go to 2B980.
Then copy and paste the contents of “61 72 28 1C 00 F0 50 F8 20 1C 00 F0 4D F8 70 BC”.
After changing, write with Ctrl + S.

Then press the F5 key to test the operation.
If there is no problem, please save with MENU->File->Save.

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I see now. I was just confused about what to do. Thank you very much for your help.