I get the map sprite guide but some questions

I have messaged people and posted something on inserting map sprites. Arch’s guide is very helpful for inserting map sprites. However the guide switches out Eirika for an FE7 character’s map sprites.

How do I add new ones without replacing so I can have both Lyn and Eirika?

I probably need to expand in HxD but where do I place the new sprite png’s? It’s not like I can use FEditor to update the rom in this case.

Also anyone have a Ninian sprite? I found Nils in a sprite repository post but Ninian is not in there last time I checked.

You can add as many as you want, but you have to repoint your map sprite arrays.

This guide shows you how to do it with the Item table, but the process is same for the map sprite arrays just with different numbers.

For the Ninian sprite you can follow Arch’s guide that you just mentioned to dump it from an FE7 rom.