I forgot to introduce my self

Hello! I´m Alex your avareg dummy.
I´m a persone that really likes to mess around with editors or software to make rom hacks. So when I saw that there where FE rom hacks I just had to check for my self, and I can say that this is a heaven for this romhacking community.
I hope I learn a lot from here and find some cool people.
And remember to have a nice day!


Well its late but welcome Alex_p_v hope you enjoy your time here


Hello average dummy. Welcome to the paradise of F.E.hacks. When I think back to Last Promise, the first memorable hack going back many years, this community has made great strides, and today we have several titles available, many mediocre but some excellent. You will be spoiled for choice. Enjoy immersing yourself in their various, compelling stories. :wink:

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I´ve played some, and yeah some are really good, and some are less good but still I had fun with them, I can´t wait to see what people make in the future

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