I Do Wizardry. AMA!

“Post can’t be empty,” Discourse says.

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I think AMAs are fun, and I like fun.


are yeh a wizard 'arry

I’m a 'arry wizard




But why?

When you wipe your butt after you take a shit, do you scrunch the paper or fold it?

What the fuck? You wipe and then instantly let it drop. Why would you crumple freshly wiped shit-napkins in your hand, ewww

Probably to cut down on bots creating a bunch of empty threads, or just to cut down on spam in general.

Fold, because orderliness.

If I took that bow off you, would you die?

No, I wouldn’t.

Nonono. You scrunch before you wipe.
There was an Australian bunch of toilet paper ads that joked about the whole fued between those who scrunched and those who folded a couple years back.

Someone please just Banepost with me.

4 u

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Oh okay. I scrunch after folding.

Up here in the northern hemisphere, the argument is whether you put the toilet paper on the roll so it rolls out from the bottom or you are literally the satan.

I scrunch when there’s enough toilet paper, but if the roll is so slim that I know I’m playing Russian Toilette, I fold.

do you feel in charge?

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DR. Alusq, I’m CIA.

same [characters]