I Changed My Battle Screen and the Last Letter of Some Weapons Are Cut Off

I changed my battle screen today and now the last letter of the weapons on only the left side is cut off. Is there a simple script I can use to move the weapon names over a couple pixels? Is there possibly another solution? Any advice is helpful.

You have the wrong tile ID for that part of the battle screen.
Compare it to the vanilla battle screen.
If you right click, you can browse the palette of tiles in reverse, so use that to compare the tiles you are using.
Then select the correct tile.

That does stop the game from cutting off the last letter, but makes the battle screen look strange. What’s the best solution for this?

(And to be clear it looks the same way in game, not just the battle screen editor)

I believe 7743 is right with what he said, but for whatever reason it looks like it hasn’t solved the problem and something is still being messed up. I can’t remember if I included all the parts to this particular battle screen because it was one of my first mock ups, and my guess is that if you bulk imported it, something got cut off.

At any rate, if you send me your .ups file I’ll take a look into it for you and see what is going on.

Thank you for your help. Heres a dropbox link for the UPS:

Alright, tracked down the issue. There was no tile in your “Left Item Editor” set that matched the one you were looking for. Like I said, I can’t remember if I uploaded the separate “Main”, “Left”, and “Right” tile sheets for this particular battle screen, but if you bulk imported a photo through FeBuilder, every now and then FeBuilder’s importer will make mistakes when trying to reassemble the tile sheets. Not the fault of the program because it actually does it pretty well.

Anyway, if you save this png and load it into the Item Box section of the “Left” component in the battle screen, it will give you the tile that you need. You’ll still have to manually place it but that shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds.

Let me know if you have any other problems.



戦闘画面 Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones.PATCH.20220803060633.gba_09239C8C

Sokaballa was faster.

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Thank you to both of you!