I Been Wanting to make a GBA Mug

so a during i gotten a drawing tablet. and because of this i been trying to get used to it and get better at using it. but i wanted to know what program or methods do you use to make GBA Style Mugs? It’s a simple question.

A simple question, but unfortunately no simple answer.

You can make GBA style mugs / pixel art in MS Paint. Different popular tools are Asesprite, Gimp, Paint.net, GraphicsGale, etc…

Most people begin making new mugs by splicing vanilla mugs together, and learn how things go together and work as they go. Alternatively you can learn art foundations and then learn how to apply those foundations to pixel art.

As far as methods: anything useful for pixelart will be useful for GBA style mugs, and there’s an old collection of tutorials here: Spritans Pin Dump and here: https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/52389-spriters-resource/ .


And then there’s me.
(Yes this is the first mug I made)