HP Bar Glitch

I’ve encountered a glitch in my ROM where, during a scripted battle, the player unit’s Max HP is supposed to be 18, but instead it’s only 2. Anyway to solve this?

Seems like you’re using FEBuilder. I would suggest generating a report and posting in this section.

Will do.

You have couple patches to go further 31 stats and more than 63 HP also but make sure you do it on a clean rom without save data cuz it breaks the data if you use it on a rom already played.
Use those patches and your problem is solved.

Is it a Hp bar glitch (only the interface that bug), or the character really only have 2 hp, and when he take 2 damage he dies ?
If so, can you screenshot us, the parameter you set to have your character with 18 hp, and it’s only 2 in the game ? With also all the patch and other stuff you add to your rom

This bug has been resolved with the following: