How to wash MIDI with dominoes (How to Fix an Error Midi)

If you get an error like this, wash with domino.

  1. Download
    MIDI音楽編集ソフト「Domino(ドミノ)」 | TAKABO SOFT

or Ver. English Translation

  1. Open and save

Open the midi in domino and select SMF Export(SMF書き出し) from the File(ファイル) menu on the far left to export the midi.
This solves the problem of forgetting the close note.


There’s also an English translation in case someone wants it. Anyway, thanks for the tip!

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Likewise, there is a dot picture editor called edge made by takabosoft, do you know of an English translation of this one?
This software is very useful because it handles palettes correctly.

How should I save and collect posts like these, where I might really need to know this down the line, while I program my hack?

I am frequently asked on discord so I have created a document.
Basically, I think it is to search on google or ask on discord.
If you get annoyed by frequent questions, documentation will be added. lol
Also, an article summarizing what you know would be helpful to those following you.
Please contribute to the comminity by sharing your knowledge and accomplishments if you know something too.

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I suggest to collect manual and faq in wiki as before. Though ngmansion wiki is down, you can write wiki in your GutHub repo directly.

Sorry, haven’t found an English translation for that one yet.