How to un-kill a character?

Making a hack for FE8 using FEBuilder, and in the prologue, a boss is killed, and then “Revived” by the main character. How would I go about making him alive again? I tried just using two different character slots, but that didn’t seem to work.

Use 2 character slots.

Slot A contains the playable character, with stats, growths, etc.
Slot B contains the boss character, with stats etc.

For the boss appearance load Slot B into the Unit Placer
and when you add a playable character, load Slot A into the Unit Placer.
You should already know how to add playable characters, but incase you don’t, it’s load units and move, if player, join party, with the requisite stats, inventory etc.
If you place this event before preps, then preps will remove the unit from the map, so it doesn’t matter where on the map you place it
Likewise if this is after the chapter, then you can place them whereever and the next map will fix any issues.

If you further issues, it is probably more to do with the chapter itself and not having 2 unit slots.


I’ll see about toying with it more. Maybe it’s something I’m not seeing lol.

Enemies/NPCs that are killed are immediately erased, so there’s no need to “revive” them. If they were a blue unit, then they aren’t erased when killed and are set to dead, so to revive them you would need UNCR which is added through a patch.
The exception to this is event battles, units killed in them are always set to dead, even if they are enemies/NPCs, which is why after the battles DISA is used to actually erase them.
So if you are not killing them in an event battle, they are already being erased, and so you don’t need a different unit ID and can just LOAD the same unit again. If it still doesn’t work, send a report with a savestate in the FEBuilder thread just before the boss is killed so we can investigate.

As it turns out, the problem was actually much simpler than I thought. I had the character too far down the character list. Wops.

I would recommend that the boss version (the one getting killed) is placed low on the character list. Only the first 50 characters slots (ID 32 in hex) are able to be saved in your party

Once again, using 2 unit IDs is not necessary, so marking that as the solution is misleading. You didn’t provide a report, so we’re not able to make sure what the problem was, if there was one. If you truly did find something new out, then it’d be good for us to know so we know how to solve it in the future.

Also, any character can be saved in the player’s party. People tend to confuse BWL data with that. BWL in vanilla is purely for display at the end credits. With the skill system, it just means 2 things:
-Units after ID 0x45 shouldn’t be an unpromoted class with level-up skills and branched promotions
-Units after ID can’t learn skills through scrolls or events

They’re completely fine to use otherwise.

Huh, well for the most part, that wasn’t actually what fixed it. It was the second part. I just loaded him in the map during a cutscene and he popped up just fine in the next chapter.