How to type with Ñ in the ROM?

The character Ñ is actually within the game files, (according to emblem magic) but when you actually try to get in the rom a text entry with ñ the event assembler shows this error, is it a mistake on my end, EA doesn’t handle ñ already or its a weird thing that has never happened before?

EDIT 2, It also seems to happen with vocals with accents(è,é, etc)

EDIT, the original error was a mistake on my end writing 0X8CB instead of 0x8CB on the buildfile, but the problem is still there

According to this, the Ñ is character 0xD1. If you want to write that hex in the rom, put it in brackets like so: NI[0xD1]A, which should show up as NIÑA in-game.