How to transplant instruments

The GBA has the same structure for all instruments as long as the m4a engine is used.
In this article, we will explain how to port DirectSound.
(Because manual porting of drums and multisamples is difficult)

Select a song that contains orchestral hits and EXPORT it from the instrument data.
Import it into FE8 NIMAP #55.

  1. Open FE6 and select songs

  2. Select instrument and export

  3. File

  4. Open FE8 (and NIMAP) and import


Thank you for providing this information. Is there a copy of this post on the Discord? Is there a way for me to archive these ‘tips and tricks’?



Does this only work between FE games?

This is valid for all games that use the m4a sound engine on the GBA.

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So I would just have to find a different guide on how to extract the instruments? Or does FEBuilder have this feature similar to how it can transplant music from other games?

I am explaining EXPORT and IMPORT.
Just do it anyway.

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