How to revive a unit?

If a unit dies in battle but instead of death I want them to withdraw. How would I do that?


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It’s also in FEBuilder, with some improvements by 7743, as “Casual Mode (Menu at game start)” in the patch menu.


My hack has units that retreat and become unusable for part of the game, but if they die in a later part they are gone for good. In order to have them “rejoin” later on if they died, I had to make substitute versions of them in case they withdrew before. These are separate character slots, so you would need to double up on setting up supports and any events they would be involved in if you went that route and still wanted the substitutes to be able to do those things. The death quotes are handled through the mode switch where they have retreat quotes in Eirika mode and death quotes in Ephraim mode.

You can also have up to three retreated units (units with a death flag) appear in cutscenes using the Load2 command. By default, I believe these units are whoever you have in the slots that originally belonged to Seth, Innes, and La’Rachel, but you can change who that is in the patches section of FEBuilder.

I thought I’d add that in case you were asking how you might do that without enabling casual mode.


for one specific unit like merlinus? if the unit is force deployed you can call an event every map to recruit the character since it won’t do anything if the unit is alive, although their inventory, levels, and stat gains should reset every death though since the character is reset upon reappearing, that could serve as a punishment to the player though.

i never said there was a convenient way.

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Like others have said, Casual mode is the best choice for something like this. If you want a specific unit to revive, maybe look at the Turn 2 Event of Chapter 8 in Sacred Stones? It automatically revives Kyle and Forde with all of their items and experience if they died in Chapter 5x.

All you need is the ‘Rejoin Character’ event followed by the ‘SVAL memory slot’ and ‘SET_STATE’ events. You’d have to put this event at the end of every chapter if you want a unit to be in the preparations screen of the next chapter.

EDIT: This method does not work at all, please ignore this.

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I think that’s because specifically the death quote of them in chapter 5x doesn’t activate the flag indicating the death of a unit. I don’t think if it can be done with the others, but I guess you can get the death quote of a unit not to activate the flag, as with Julia in Genealogy

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Thank you for everyone’s advice since I’m only needing this mechanic for 2 chapters I think I’ll go with the event that plays for Kyle and Forde. I will also keep all other answers for future reference thank you

Just use UNCR(UnitID, 0x4) to revive specific chars as desired

Uncr is a patch ASMC by Teq. State 0x4 is dead.

Or use the casual mode by flag patch and only enable flag 0xB0 for your desired chapters

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Okay, just checked and found out that my method does NOT work in the slightest. I tested it a while back and saw my units with the correct stats/equipment and thought “Wow, it worked like a charm!” but in actuality it made the revived units undetectable by enemies and also disappear from the party at the end of the chapter.

The patch that @Vesly was talking about is an actual solution if you want it to work for specific units. Just look up UNCR in the patch section of FEBuilder and get the “Set Unit State Conditions” patch, then add the event “Reverses units Condition” at the end of the chapter(s).