How to recreate mechanics from other FEs in FE8?

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How you know I’m working in a rebuild of FE7 in FE8 and actually I’m stay in the chapter 08: Vortex of Strategy because I don’t know how to avoid the deployment of Matthew and his quote in the Preparation Screen. I tried to use state patch from febuilder but don’t work
Somebody know how to create it?

  1. the quote in preparation screen
  2. the deploy avoid of matthew

There should be a patch called ‘Deny Deployment From Preparations’ that does what you want. I have no idea how to add dialogue in the preps screen, but you could always just add it in the Chapter Start Event, even if it’s not as accurate to FE7. Hopefully somebody else knows how to do the dialogue part in preps.


thankyou I will try your suggested way.

The dialogue on the prep screen is hard coded and requires asm knowledge to recreate. Not worth anyone’s time to do. Please make the conversation occur with a background that looks similar to the prep screen instead.

I was thinking the same, then for recreating this I need to know ASM, well I will do this

Take a screenshot of the prep screen and insert that as a background ingame.

Well I will do these thanks for all help

I don’t know if is possible, but exist a way how to recreate the Mechanics Fortune?

write asm

In the chapter six of FE6 occur following events:

The two turns after you open the lower-right or left doors.
[Load Enemy Reinforcements]

If all of your units are inside the range.
[Load Enemy Reinforcements]

How I could recreate it? I tried some things but not works.

I think I found a solution for both.

Door Reinforcements

I didn’t show it in the screenshot, but the event is a turn event that occurs from 1-255 on Enemy Phase.

On enemy phase, the event occurs and checks whether the flag is on or not. If the door is still closed, nothing happens and the reinforcements won’t trigger. If it is open, then the game will wait a turn by triggering flag A and ending the event. On the next turn, the reinforcements will trigger exactly once.

EDIT: You’ll also need to give the turn event a completion flag of B in this example, otherwise the reinforcements will spawn forever.
Door Reinforcements Update

Range Event

Range Event A
For this event, you need to do it a little backwards. Instead of checking if all units are above the line, you need to check if at least one unit is below the line. If a unit is below the line, Flag 9 is triggered.

Range Event B
If Flag 9 is on, no reinforcements will spawn and these two events will occur every turn until the reinforcements spawn. If it’s not triggered, the reinforcements will spawn exactly once.

Just remember to use different flags than I did since I reused them for each example. Each door reinforcement will need 3 unique flags while the range event will only need 2. This means you’ll need about 8 total flags for these events, not counting all of the other events that occur in Chapter 6.

When is someone going to recreate fe6 rescue refresh glitch smh

Wait a moment, really exist a glitch how that?

You sure this works? Flag 0xB is unreferenced and to me it looks like it’ll occur forever. Try changing ENUT 0xB to ENUF 0x9. I don’t think doors need flags normally anyway with the tile change and all.

I suggest using the patch Count Units In Range instead. What you have here should usually work similarly, but if you leave units at the start of the map it’ll differ. You’re assuming that units below the line will move each turn, but if for some reason you move a few chars past the line and end your turn without moving anyone else, it’ll trigger reinforcements. Or even worse, if the player skips turn 1, it’ll trigger immediately lol.

Great job with the eventing!

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This works but I have to off the flag from of door later of the reinforcements load if not the enemy reinforcements kept appearing.

Really the patch sounds like better option, but if I want get the quantity of units inside the range I have to get first the quantity of ally units in the map.

Yes. So do that

Now how I can get the quantity of ally units?

The same way, just with a bigger range

Oops, I forgot to show the turn condition’s flag. Thanks @Vesly for mentioning!
Door Reinforcements Update
With the completion flag of B, the reinforcements will only occur once if you combine it with my previous door event.