How to play Emulators and Roms on Tablets and Phones?

So i was wondering how do i play Emulators and Rom Hacks on both a Tablet and a Phone? And i know it have to be possible cause i have seen them on videos. Heck i seen people playing Roms on they Gameboy. If they many ways to play them on you Phone and Tablet could anyone tell me?

i use myboy its free


Are you on apple or something else? If you are on Apple you’ll pretty much have to jailbreak your phone. If not (preferably Android which is probably what you have if you don’t use Apple’s Ios), just install my boy and the rom file you want to play from a web site (I think the one I use is called or something like that). Go into the my boy app and go find the Rom wherever you placed it. (I recommand creating a specific folder for Roms)

This should be all you really need to know but feel free to ask me questions if you have any.


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tablets really hate emulators and stuff, it’s easier on android

oh yeah additional info, which I don’t know if you are aware off already but you’d need a rom patcher on android to patch the roms you downloaded on your phone as well. I just download “rom patcher (original name i know)” on mobile for this, pretty easy to use tool

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Actually using a tablet or not doesn’t matter as long as you’re using iOS or Android OS, it doesn’t matter

It depends whether you have Android (which I’m assuming you have) or iPhone. Let me know, and I’ll explain in depth what you need to do

Actually my boy has a “patch game” feature. Although it only works with ips patches and both the patch and the rom must have the same name.


I kept trying to Download My Boy but kept telling me that my account is not associated with a device. So i can’t download it.

Log out and then log in again. Alternatively try searching on Google instead I guess. Or in another app store.

Is that PC?

if you’re accessing this on an android device then you need to mess with your google account settings to figure out how to associate the account with your device. If you’re unable to find out how to do that look up on google the error you got there and see what you can find, it’s very likely that someone ran into your problem before and figured out how to fix it themselves.

If you went onto the web version of the playstore on ios or something then you’re kinda shit out of luck unless you’re willing to go through the process of jailbreaking.

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I downloaded mine from a website so maybe try doing that if you feel comfortable doing so.

Try john gba, its arguably better than my boy

How is John GBA better than My boy!?

The fast forward function isn’t awful and less features are locked out in the free version.

However, if you’re willing to mess around, Retroarch is still the best choice for Nintendo emulation on Android (except for NDS; I use the paid app DraStic for that). There’s otherwise no official mGBA port to Android yet, sadly.

I use pizzaboy emulator on my Android