How to modify the support mechanic?

So, is there a way to circumvent the game limitations and add a menu where I can see my supports so I dont have to do it mid-combat?

There are ways to design for it but coming from Awakening and Fates, it feels a lot more comfortable to have my supports in their own place and choosing when to trigger them outside of combat.

I don’t really care about the method may it be by altering another patch or ASM, I only want to know if it can be done and how if it´s not to much of a hassle.

There is a patch in Febuilder where you can only trigger supports in a base type chapter. And after every certain amount of chapters you can go to the base.


Hmm, that should do for now but I guess i’ll need to start working on some sort of base camp for easy access in ASM. I mean, I don’t want a plot irrelevant castle from another dimension! Just a campfire at least!

Yeah its not litterally a base, it can be whatever the map is. Though the only downside is that you can only have one map/ chapter. So uhh… Choose wisely

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If you’re looking for base support convos, I’m planning on implementing this in my support rework I’m working on. It should transform the “Support” option in the prep screen to being able to select support convos ready to view; however, the main purpose of this system will be that supports no longer grow over time. You would define exactly which chapters a support conversation occurs in and what support they gain.

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