How to make the antitoxin heal

As far as I know, nobody has made a guide detailing how to make the antitoxin heal as well as curing poison (as in FE Engage), so I thought I’d share how I managed to do it.

step 1:
Install the patch “Special Event for each item”. You’ll need to set the hp threshold to 97% to prevent the item being used at full hp and having no effect (note that it must be exactly 97% or it won’t work properly). Also, set the menu name to any text ID that says “Use”.

Step 2:
Create the attached event as seen below. You’ll need 2 patches for these commands. The “Add event: set unit status” patch and the “Add event: display and recover effect when using the item” patch. In the image below, I’ve set the antitoxin to heal 10hp (represented by increase value A). If you want to change the amount to heal, say 15hp, you would change the increase value to F for example.

Step 3:
Change the antitoxin use effect to 0 to prevent the vanilla use effect overlaying with the patch. Perhaps also change the item’s description to match.

Step 4:
Go to advanced editors > “menu commands” and go to the use/equip/trade section. You should now see a command called “sword” (the default name used by the patch). Here, you’ll need to do 3 things:

  1. Drag the command right below the vanilla use command.
  2. Change the “name (unused in Japanese version)” field to any text ID saying “Use”.
  3. Change the “Help ID” field to text ID 6DB.

You can also change the colour to the default white as I did if you’d like.

Step 5:
Go to advanced editors > “item use effect” and go to the antitoxin. Change it’s usability check to the vulnerary/elixir. This will give the item the greyed-out effect when it cannot be used.

Note that with this setup, you will not be able to use the antitoxin at full hp, even if the unit is poisoned. If you’d like to be able to use the antitoxin at full hp, you’ll need to change the hp threshold in step 1 to any (0%), and ignore step 5. However, doing this will mean the player can use the antitoxin whenever, even if it has no effect. Which option you choose to use is up to you.