How to make Combat Arts in FE Builder

So I was attempting to make a hack inside FE Builder that used arts. My idea was to use the Gaiden magic system but that’s when I found out it doesn’t work with the skill system. The only workaround I could think of was:

  1. Giving the arts as weapons (But doing that will limit characters to very few slots)
  2. Removing the Skill System (But that reduces a lot of the creativity)

So I’ve decided to come here to find out if anyone had an idea/ solution to this predicament of mine. It is important to note that I’m using FE Builder as I’m not the best at building files.

Any help would be appreciated.

A) Gaiden Magic does not conflict with Skillsystem (although maybe the specific builder patches do).
B) A Combat Arts framework exists and has been integrated with the Skillsystem.

You likely want to look into using a “Skill Custom Build” to use these features if you’re going to be working in FEBuilder.

Ask Retina, Two Milkman Goes Comedy has combat arts implemented alongside skillsys.

No don’t lol. He isn’t using FEB. Afaik there is not any hacks with combat arts that use builder.

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