How To Make An FE Hack?

I Know nothing in making Fire Emblem hacks.I dont even know where to make fire emblem hack. I know coding but idk if its gonna help a bit and i practice pixel art.clCould anyone teach me and BTW i am so creative(daydreamer😂).

Most new users start with febuilder.

You’ll have to be more specific in terms of what it is exactly you want to know how to do.

For quick questions, the feuniverse discord is best.

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Whats febuilder??

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Omg this will take me a month or two to learn

You can figure out the basics in a few days if you try. Nothing worth doing comes easy, though, so good luck, and I hope you stick around.


Better get started now then lol

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A few days for you but it will be a week or maybe a month for me cause ill only be having 3-6 hour on learning this things(for some reasons i dont wanna say)

Well, take as much time as you need. You can learn a lot just by tinkering with FEBuilder.

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So FEbuilderGBA is a GUI (point and click) for making your first Fire Emblem hack. It’s about as easy as using Game Maker (if not easier). All you do is click on the menus and select which options you want. it takes a little bit of poking around because hacking works differently from code, and most things don’t have saftey nets the way they do in a userfriendly creation environment. (If you mess something up, you might be screwed and have to go to your most recent backup)

The main difference with coding and ROMhacking is that, where with coding you’re taking commands and putting them into a compiler, with hacking you’re altering something that’s already been compiled. This means you work a whole lot more with Hexedecimal numbers and pointers. Also changes usually can’t be reverted easily.

Probably already nuked the answer on this one, but just in case you come back to this post:

After you’ve worked with FEbuilder and gotten a bit more comfortable, you’ll realize that what you’re actually doing is altering bytes in the game’s ROM file (hex editing). Many user’s have found that instead of editing the ROM directly it’s better (and much much safer) to make a separate notepad file (called a buildfile) with all your changes and feed that through a program (Event Assembler) which creates your hack file for you. This is called The “Buildfiles Method” and is preferred by the more veteran users of the community, it also works a lot more like normal coding because you can write and delete lines of code as you usually would without your project being destroyed. But like I said, this won’t matter till you’ve been hacking for a couple months at least.

tl;dr: Febuilder is really great, it only takes about a week or so to get used to. Most things in hacking are really easy and fun to learn, it just can be hard to get good explanations oftentimes.

Oh yeah, Be sure to use the Search function on this website, the tutorials and documentation on this site are a lifesaver. Congrats if you made it this far in my post, and welcome to FEUniverse!

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