How to keep Orson in your party?

I’m using FEbuilder.

  • Base Game: Fire Emblem Sacred Stones

-I’ve used the unit placer function to place Orson as a chapter 8 reinforcement on turn two along with Epharim, Kyle, and Forde. Orson with ID number 42 not the one recruited in the Tower of Valni.
-I’ve deleted the code from chapter 8’s start event “Erase character (0x42 Orson) DISA”
-In the event where Epharim, Kyle, and Forde appear (9F3124) I add "Rejoin Character (0x42 Orson) to the party. Sets escaped status bitflag to off. Used for returning party members. (REVEAL)
-I copied and pasted Kyle’s SVAL MemorySlot code and changed it from Kyle to Orson. For example, SVAL MemorySlot (0x1 Slot1) Value to store (0x1) SET STATE Character (0x42 Orson)
-I gave him supports too just for kicks. (Not conversations)

The Problem I have is that the Orson that appears in chapter 8 isn’t the same one I used in chapter 5x. I give Orson experience and even a level up in his joining chapter only for him to reset to base level Orson when he returns with the rest of the gang in chapter 8. Even items I give to him are wiped from his inventory and gets reset to his original inventory. How do I keep my original Orson?

He does manage to stay in the party for chapter 9.

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Instead of removing the DISA event, change the DISA to a REMU event in order for REVEAL to work.

DISA is used to kill units as a permanent removal from party (attempting to add the killed character back loads their default stats and whatnot), whereas REMU uses a flag to a temporarily remove a party member. REVEAL simply turns that flag off rather than looking for specific character states.


If you haven’t changed the event where Orson becomes an enemy (turns red) in the cutscene where he tricks Eirika, then his unit data will be deleted from the save file unless he becomes an ally again before he despawns from the map.

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Thanks for the advice yet it didn’t work on my end. I added the event that would remove Orson from the party as suggested, then when that didn’t work I deleted the event that would switch his faction to that of an enemy. Orson still reverts back to his original level when he spawns in on turn two.

I have a feeling Orson’s just sort of hardcoded to leave, the best thing I can think of is to just use a different character slot for Orson instead, that is, copy everything over to that version of Orson and change any event to that new Orson instead.

Tested it out a bit, and yep, getting rid of Orson is just within the party switch command, if that was it itself you’d be able to remove the thing and unhide Eirika’s party and hide Ephraim’s party manually, though it also seems to mess with the world map as well, so maybe not.

Three things have to be done:

Remove the “Party Switch to Eirika” command in the end event of chapter 5x. Among other things, it hides Ephraim, Forde and Kyle, and erases Orson.

Then in the start of chapter 8, you have this:

Orson is first changed into an enemy, removing him from the party, and later has DISA used on him, completely removing his data from RAM. Remove both of those.

The result is that Orson will remain in the party. Since I assume you don’t want him to be avaiable until chapter 8, use REMU on him in the end of chapter 5x, and REVEAL before you load him again in chapter 8.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but it isn’t quite what I’m looking for. I want to play chapters 1-7 as normal. The only difference is I want to compared to the original game is that when chapter 8 hits Orson spawns in along with the rest of the boys and be the same Orson I used from chapter 5x. When I delete “Party Switch to Eirika” yes I keep my Orson, but I lose all my other units from chapters Prologue-5. I can’t play much further anyways. Chapter 7 is a seize chapter and the only units I have Epharim, Kyle, Forde, and Orson can’t seize.

Use REMU on units you want to make unavailable, and REVEAL on units you want to make available.

I got it. I followed the advice of deleting the “Party Switch to Eirika” at the end of chapter 5x. I removed Epharim and the boys and rejoined all the playable units from Prologue-Chapter 5.
At first Orson would disappear from the party after chapter 8 which didn’t used to be a problem at first. The solution was just to add the REJOIN command during the route split. The chapter “A New Journey” (not really a playable chapter though)

This has been something I’ve been wondering about since I was a kid. While working on this on my lonesome I felt like I was so close to cracking the case. When finally turning to help I realized I was way off from figuring it out. Thanks for all those that answered this thread.

What’s next for my Orson rom?

-I’m going to add support conversations to Orson.
Right now I have his possible support partners as Seth, Kyle, Forde, Garcia, Ross, and Franz. I wanted to give him supports with Epharim and Eirika, but they already have 7 support partners. So far only those native to Renais, more specifically in regards to in the military. Ross may seem like an odd choice though. However Garcia was a renowned knight and probably told his son old war stories. Orson had been serving Renais’ army for a while. I’m sure the two have met. Orson’s last support slot might be Knoll. I know, sounds even more random. The thought process here is Knoll might know something about bringing back those from the dead and give some insight to what exactly is Monica.
-Changing some story lines so it makes sense with Orson being in the party. Fire Emblem Heroes different dimensions, not saying more than that.
-Give him a character ending/possible paired ending. (not sure with who though)

This thread has been answered so if I do an update it probably won’t be here. Might make a different thread if anyone is interested.