How to generate a particular ASMC effect from FE7

Hi, I’m make a Blazing Sword ROM hack that requires the use of an ASMC from the end of Cog of Destiny, when Nergal blows up the map after kidnapping Ninian

I couldn’t find any reference to it in Arch’s Guide to Chapter Construction, so I was hoping someone else might know.

Just find the event for that chapter, find the ending event and then find the ASMC that’s doing this, you should be able to just copy it into another chapter, although it might have restrictions such as needing the character to be in the same position and stuff like that.

I’ve tried that, but I haven’t been able to find the address to said ending event, and when I dump the whole chapter data with Event Assembler, I get a mess of data I have no idea how to sort through. That’s why I asked if anybody just knew the actual command.

To me it seems like it’s this part:
ASMC 0x807AA04|1
SOUN 0x2E9
then it does a fade into white, hides the map, stuff like that

This is from FEBuilder if that helps you

Thank you SO MUCH! I just now found the ending event in FEBuilder, but was unsure how to read some of the commands. I’ll definitely try this and see how it works.