How to force a unit to promote?

I’m making an FE7 hack, and I want to force a character to promote. Is it possible to accomplish this?

Note: The character in question is in Lyn’s normal character slot. Dunno if that matters, but I figure I should mention it.

I believe it’s an event, you should find it while creating an event if you search ‘promotion’
also, I recommend asking questions like this on the Discord, you’ll likely get your answer much faster if you ask there.

I haven’t done much work in FE7, but it looks like you can only force promote the current main hero.

This is the command used to promote Eliwood/Hector at the end of Cog of Destiny. FE8 has a much more flexible command that can be used to promote any unit as well as display any item as the promotion item (even if it isn’t programed as a promotion item).

A good thing to do when you’re unsure of how to do something is check out the event of a scene where that thing happens in vanilla and see how it was done. For example, I learned how to add back characters who were removed from the party by checking out the scene where Ephraim, Forde, and Kyle appear in FE8 Chapter 8.

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In the case of FE8, there is an instruction to promote any unit.
However, FE7 probably does not.
This is because there are no events that are force promoted by anyone other than the main character.

In the case of FE7, it is common to call ASM for processing.
I think that the main character promotion is also calling ASM.
I think you need to write and call ASM yourself, referring to that routine.