How to find "Offset to Map Pointer"?

I use this document when inserting maps. In Tiled map inserter in the “Write Map Pointer To?” box, I will use the offsets in the Offset to Map Pointer column from that document.
But that document excludes cutscene maps and only goes up to Light Part 2. I currently want to replace “Ostia” which is 0x32 in the Chapter Data Editor. 0x32 isn’t shown in that document.

So I have two questions

  1. How do you find “Offset to Map Pointer” in the first place?
  2. What is Offset to Map Pointer, anyway? What’s the difference between that and “Offset of Map”?

Don’t bother Ghast. Or at least, I don’t bother. You can set up a new pointer for the map itself, but it’s never worked for me, just don’t check it, save the offset that you’re writing your map to, and that works just as well. Hell the map changes pointer never worked for me, I wound up having to write the offset it was pointing to down so I could properly point my map changes.

I know from what FPZero has told me that typically he would have it write to the existing point of the map he was replacing.

Also you want the Event Reference Editor for all your offset needs.

hold the phone I think I’m onto something

Nyayayayaya! I figured it out. Okay so, this isn’t news to some people probably but I leveled up. Watch out, Wizards. ghast is coming for yo ayyyssses

  1. Offset to Map Pointer can be found by reversing the order of the offset of the map. So I’ll take the map I was looking for as an example.

In event table reference editor, I went to 0xD1 which was Ostia’s cutscene map. The map offset was at 0x836423C. Then I found out that you need to reverse the bits like this: 3C 42 36 08 and search for those hex values (ctrl F, Data Type:hex-values and check All) in HxD. The offset that those values are located at is the Offset to Map Pointer! So in my case it was C9CD0C.

Why is it this way? I don’t know!
I just dicked around in classic ghast fashion until I realized that the reversed bit thingies mean something

Map changes is the same thing I guess!
ghast, not actually knowing what he’s doing since 2014

Ghast pointers are by default written in little endian which means that the order of the bytes is reversed


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right! little endian is what I was thinking of.


It’s like watching someone stumble through a maze blindfolded, and they miraculously take the correct turns… most of the time.


if you have the index in the event references table of the map you want to replace, you can just do “0x08C9C9CC + 4*ID” and save yourself the trouble