How to end in lyn mode

I am trying to make a fe7 redux hack.I have done all of the works in Lyn mode.So now I think It’s time to release the demo but I Don’t know how to restrict other modes.I want to end it in Lyn Mode.
Please let me know how to end it.

I believe you can just boot the player back to the tite screen in the end event of the last chapter of chapter of lyn mode, if that doesn’t work you can always delete the event that sends you to Eliwood or Hector mode after Lyn mode.

Im a nub so I Don’t know what is the command for this.

If you’re using FEBuilder, then all you need to do is look up “return to title screen” in the events

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I Don’t see ‘return to title screen’ command in febuilder.

are you in the chapter end events? click on that, then click on an event, then hit search and look for return to title screen.

There is none. Closest is Return operation to player.

just typing ‘‘title’’ in the search bar should have it show up

FEBuilder lists it in FE6, but it’s an ASM function. lt’s likely in FE7 as well, but it seems the address for the ASM is not immediately known.

That’s why I couldn’t find it in event.

This problem was solved by @HauntRS_0337.