How to do gaiden chapters in FE8?

Hey there, how you do?
I have on my knowledge that you have to put some command of conditioning and blah blah blah.

If there’s a tutorial on that, leave me the link, if there’s no tutorial, please write the steps to create one. TY so much for this.

Let’s say this is FE6 and you choose one of two villages to visit. After you visit that village turn on a Flag (let’s use flag 20 why? idk.)

At end events check if Flag 20 is on. If it is, then swap the map to that gaiden. otherwise continue on your path. If you need help setting up that event, there is a Template for checking if a flag is on or not and I’d use that.

Do you know how to do conditional events? There is a guide on conditional events by Sme:

You can also refer to FEBuilders Event templates on how to do gaiden chapters. The example there uses turn count, but once you get the hang of conditional events, you can have more varied requirements for gaiden chapters - there are more ways than one to do those.

It’s gonna take a while, but I’ll try both propositions. Thank you.

Thank you, I used the Make a gaiden branch and put all the values in there.
I used a limit of 10 turns on Ch1 of my hack to make a gaiden if the player finished less or equal to the limit turns. Maketh the 2 dialogues if one sucess and the other if fails.

I was not sure if I understood that at the beginning but it worked marvelous and smooth.
Thank you once again FEU community!