How to create events to recruit characters

someone knows how to create an event where characters talk to join characters to my team

If you want to make a character join the army just make them blue.

If you mean how to specifically make a talk event then look up a tutorial I guess, if you are using FEBuilder there’s not much I can help with there.

I saw a video where someone did that too, but I don’t know how to do it right now. I’m not quit there myself. If no one tells you here you should look up a video :slight_smile:

If you are using FE Builder, I can post an example.

If you want to be able to recruit a unit using a talk conversation, you first need to go to the event conditions menu, and go to Talk Condition on the dropdown menu.

Some things you need to do on this menu: First, allocating space for the talk using extended list in the bottom left (if more space is required.) You need to change the generation type to “03=Talk Condition”, and also choose the characters that initiate the talk (From and To are the initiator and recipient). Then, you have to create an event that happens when the talk is initiated. This can be done by writing a 0 to the event ID, prompting the New Event command to pop up. By clicking on it, a new Event Id will be created, where you can create the event that occurs when the talk is initiated.

Here is a sample of one of mine:

A very simple event, one consisting of a music change to comrades, a text event featuring a conversation, and then the command to change the Character you want to recruit to Player status. This will change a red or green unit into a blue unit. All of the commands of these events can be found in “Commands” when inserting new parts into the event, and inserted one by one.

Now, while playing the map, if you have the initiating character talk to the character receiving the conversation, the character will be recruited! One last thing to note is that you should likely also set a completion flag for the talk conversation on the talk menu to make sure that once the conversation takes place, the flag is set and the conversation can’t happen again. I hope this helps!