How to create a custom Boss Conversation

Hello everyone,

I have no Idea how to do it and haven’t found anything usefull yet, so I’m asking you for help.
I wanted to implement some custom boss battle conversations for some chapters, yet can’t figure out why they aren’t triggering.
Only the normal, generic boss convo keeps popping up.

I’m absolutly lost and nothing I’ve been doing helps.

If any of you know how to create such a thing, or if I overlooked something, please help me out.



Using FEBuilder:

Pick any slot, choose the characters involved (Innes and Pablo in this case), the chapter where the conversation happens, a flag (it can be any temporary flag, don’t use 0 for this) so it can only be triggered once, and the text ID where the conversation happens.

If you want a generic boss quote, just use 0 in place of the Attacker/Defender, and the boss ID in the other slot.
Also, you have to use 2 slots for this, one in which the boss is the attacker, and in the other the boss is the defender. Use the flag 1 for this (in both slots)

Other thing you must have in mind, is that if you have unique boss quotes (Like Innes vs Pablo) they should be in the slot before the generic boss quote.


Thank you very much for the simple and comprehensive guide you’ve given me.
The problem seems to have been the fact that I did not move the convo in the Battle Conversation menu over the generic convos for that chapter.

Thank you again for the help!