How to compeletly remove the Guide Option

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a GBA Hack. And there is this Guide-option that will give you helpful advices throughout the game. However I don’t really need that option in the game since I’m sure everyone who will play this or basically every other GBA hack will already know everything that this guide provides you. So I was thinking about to remove this option entirely but I figured out that this might be not so simple as I thought. I could use the text that is “wasted” in there for other parts of the game. Can someone explain how this can be done?

It won’t show up if you never enable the global flags for it. 0xB2 is the first one that shows it, but there are a whole bunch of them.

Editing guide

Removing guide:

Just insert “UsabilityNever” for the guide command. 804F451

Thank you for the help.

For some reason though I can’t finde the “Guide” option in the menu.
“11” is “Talk” in my menu. Probably because I use the skill system. So I fear I have to remove all the flags then.

Change to 11 here
Guide will then show up on the left, usually around number 3 in the list

Oh I missed that. Thank you for the quick response!

It worked ^^

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There’s a patch for tha— oh wait wrong type of guide option

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