How to change the skin color of the battle animation sprites?

I have been playing around with changing color palettes in the battle animations of the gba games, but I’m wondering, what should I do if I wanted to give a character a different skin tone other than white? I know it probably depends from sprite to sprite, but I’m curious if there’s any general tips.

Edit: Editing the colors of the sprites does work to give them other skin tones. I’m not sure if they would work properly when used in a rom hack, but I’m positive it’s possible.

You’ll most likely need to edit it a bit, some use a white color on the skin so you can remove that or swap it with another color

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It depends from sprite to sprite.

Some of them already have colour separated versions in the repository. I’ve done brigand and cleric/priest, and a female myrm with pants that also includes this but i’m sure there are others as well.

To make this edit yourself, export the animation (as “battle animation”) with febuilder, paint over the white on their fleshy bits with the second brightest skin shade in every frame, then import again. It’s a little time consuming but not very difficult.


I see, thank you for your help.

I understand, thank you very much. I will try this out tomorrow.

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Protip for repalleting or slightly editing existing animations: you can edit the images that look like this:
Sword Sheet 1
rather than every single frame to do it faster. You just have to stick within an 8x8 grid. So if you were to give Eliwood a mustache, you could, but not a hat as that would be adding stuff rather than changing some preexisting pixels. You’re essentially editing the image inline, not adding any new data.

These frames are what actually gets imported to the ROM - the singular frames are processed into these, so you can easily insert these, and export with FEBuilder to generate individual frames for the edited animation.


I see, thank you for the extra help. But this type of image looks pretty confusing so it might be a little hard for me to adapt to them. Also, does the other method not work since these are the actual frames that are loaded into the game?

No, you can of course edit the original frames

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Got it, thank you very much for your help.