How to change Sick status description?

When using the Freeze hack, it replaces the unused Sick status. But this status has no description. So when viewing it, it just defaults to the healthy status description (AKA, having no status effect). Either that, or it’s just “set” to this description.

How does one change it so that the status references a different text ID for it’s help description? Preferably an empty text ID.

Note that I’m using the current FE8 Skillsystem Buildfile:

The vanilla implementation for loading the status description text is located at FE8U:0x08088A2C (called HbPopulate_SSStatus in the decomp). It’s a bit difficult to modify since it’s implemented as a switch statement and not all status effects are accounted for.

I’ve raised a PR to the Skill System repository that should make it a bit easier to configure the status description text IDs: Implement status condition R-Text table and getter by Eebit · Pull Request #578 · FireEmblemUniverse/SkillSystem_FE8 · GitHub

To change a status’s text ID, you’d change the value of the text ID in the StatusDescEntry macro in the Installer.event.

Hopefully that’s what you were looking for! Let me know if you face any issues with it.

Thanks. Though, a friend already helped me with this. They told me to just do the following:
And it worked.

Maybe this should be added to the Github (IDK how to do a PR)

Condition: Sick
R Text: “Normal. Feeling healthy.”