How to change portraits after a certain point

I have two main characters in the game I’m making. One of whom is a soldier who promotes to Lord (like a trainee class), while the other is a thief who promotes to fencer (from the custom animation folder). I want to give them both changed portraits upon promotion.

you need asm

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Ah… Oh well

Well, there is an alternative solution(sort of). Using UNCM 0xID 0x800000 causes a character to use a secondary portrait, although it resets every chapter. Using it after battle preparations causes the portrait to change for the chapter, but using it before battle preparations does nothing, as it gets reverted before it would get seen anyway. The secondary portrait ID is currentPortraitID+1.

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I might try that for one of them

But that won’t fix loading the portraits conditionally in convos dependent on whether the units have promoted or not. That would require ASM, but I wrote something very similar. I can help you out with it if you DM me on the FEU Discord. :slightly_smiling_face:

Does UNCM instruction exist in FE8?
I think that it is only in FE 7.

However, the function of the second portrait seems to be implemented in FE 8 as well.

If I rewrite the memory the ram unit offset + 0xE of the unit to 0x80, switch to portrait 2.

0202BE4C + 0xE |= 0x80;
Seth replaced Gilliam’s portrait.

But does the access instruction exist ?
It seems that it can not access even with SET_STATE (2834XXXX 0x3428).

Assembly code of 0x34 series of instructions has complicated branches written.
Perhaps it might be, but I could not find it.

It does not exist, which is why I made a hack for it replacing 0x3427 (unset 0x40, unit has moved this turn, which seems rather useless) and 0x3429 (unused), found here.

Lol, ASM makes me dizzy