How to change Moulder into a monk?


So I’m “remodeling” FE8, changing classes and what not, tinkering with growths rates and weapons–until I noticed that no matter how much I changed Moulder (now called Lucian haha) always remains a priest whenever I reach Chapter 2 without any changes to his inventory and class. It’s mystifying and I need answers. Thank you.

P.S. and while we’re at that, Vanessa also seems weird. I changed her weapons in FEBuilder but, like Moulder, it doesn’t show.


Moulder and Vanessa join in map 0x38 (Frelia Castle). So any changes you want to make to their starting items or classes, you’ll need to make there.


You need to change their class and items on the first event they join on, just like any other unit.
You are clearly changing an event that happens after they join, both Moulder and Vanessa join you BEFORE chapter 2, between chapter 1 and chapter 2. You would need to find the world map event editor (I’m sure it exists).


Oh, I see. Very well then, I’ll begin with the changes. Thank you so much for the answers you two gave.


Please read the manual…