How to change a skill effect?

I just checked on the Warrior and I saw that counter worked at 1-2 range and then this suddenly came to mind:

The feeling is highly accurate, but the logic isn’t. Still hilarious.

How do I change how the skill works? Its either that or giving my Warrior eye lasers.

Change the routine for counter, it’s in procs I think, compile, rebuild the rom.

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Is there any step by step guide somewhere? Sincerely I have zero to no idea of what a proc is. Or how to compile the ROM. Or any of the techy stuff…

Yeah, just about anything not written on extremely big letters on the advanced options menu :sweat_smile:

A proc is a skill that activates during combat, like Astra or whatever.
To compile the source you need devkit, to build the rom just run makehack.

You just need to change this 3 to a 2 and build the .dmp file.

If you are using FEBuilder then I can’t really help you there. What we usually do is build the whole rom again with EA, FEBuilder can’t do that.

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Holy mother… But if that’s how it is I should be able to import the ASM into FEBuilder. I’ll have to check the documentation of the skill patch. Thanks for the clue bud.