How to change a single status effect duration?

I’ve been trying to create a 1 turn sleep tome (originally was suposed to inflict freeze, but messing with it through buildfile seemed complicated). However, there is no option to set a duration for the effect applied by the weapon. I’d rather not change ALL of the effects duration, even better if I could alter only this especific instance of sleep. is there a way to do so within FeBuilder? or is the only option a buildfile?

Vanilla sets all status effects to 5 turns. If you’re using the vanilla weapon effect of sleep, it will always be 5 unless you hook the code and write some asm.

SkillSys is bundled with Status Weapons (though this may not be installed by default with the febuilder patch, idk.)

Status Weapons: Applies the status byte (status + duration) defined at item table entry + 0x22 if weapon has effect (+0x1F) 0xD.

So try doing this.

it seems there is no escape then, thanks for the lead

So, effect offset +0x1F is “Additional Damage Type” and item table entry +0x22 is the Item Effect Rework byte. Unless Builder SkillSys changes how it works, you should therefore be able to set the duration in the “IER Byte” box by doing what Vesly said. Type “D” for the value in “Additional Damage Type” and then set the correct status+duration combo for the IER Byte – you’ll have to check the specifications for IER/Status Weapons for what to set it to.

Set it to status + duration

//Status Effects
#define NoStatusID 0
#define PoisonStatusID 1
#define SleepStatusID 2
#define SilenceStatusID 3
#define BerserkStatusID 4
#define AtkRingStatusID 5
#define DefRingStatusID 6
#define CritRingStatusID 7
#define AvoRingStatusID 8
#define SickStatusID 9
#define PetrifyStatusID 13

So like 0x12 would be 1 turn of sleep or 2 turns of poison I forget

now that is really helpful! I think I can do it now

but also, why is petrify’s ID 13? if it follows hexadecimal shouldn’t it be A?

13 in hex is 0xD
In a buildfile like I use it can use decimal numbers just fine so I do. I just copied what I had here

ah, got it

alright, I will admit, I’m not even sure where to put the codes. I tried “installing” the freeze and status weapon patch by going in config.event, removing the “//” and message after it as to only leave #define (patchname), did I do it right?
Status Weapon seem to come with default defuilder patch since it altered my UI, but how I be sure of the freeze patch? would a new “Status Effect” or “Weapon Effect” entry appear? planning on going back to freeze since I’m already messing with asm

Febuilder ui won’t show anything for most hacks. You should always test these things ingame - don’t just trust that FEBuilder shows something for it.