How To Be Better At Fire Emblem?

Yes, just as the title says, what sort of tips and advice can you guys provide for how to better oneself to be a better Fire Emblem player?

Edit: To be a little more clear, I’m very good at it myself, this post was just for my friends and family that are interested at getting better.


Do basic math.

Ok, so to elaborate, instead of picking fights or positioning units based on “vibes”, make plays assuming the worst outcomes (in regards to your units getting hit and missing counters especially).

The math is rarely that complex; if my unit has 16 current hp, and the 3 enemies in range all do 5 or less damage and do not double, the play is relatively safe; they will survive. If each of those enemies do 7 damage instead, seriously consider the risks of unit death or any alternative strategies, even if all the enemies are rocking lower hit percentages.

Also, if you are going to take risky odds, perform them as eary on in the player phase as possible, and be ready to use player tools to accomidate the failure (rescue, shove, staff usage, and so on).

In my experience with FE, both official and fan made, you rarely have 0 safe moves. Learning what moves are safe, and how to make moves safe, is a key skill to develop for getting good at tactical and strategic games in general, not just FE.

Finally, a fun annecdote, but my development of these strategies was motivated primarily by my consistently horrible luck; in any game where dice or RNs are rolled; I predictably encounter the worst results. But I can still enjoy many FE games, because with good strategy, it takes an astronomical streak of bad luck to make a map unwinnable.

Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, hope this helps.


Now, I am a casual player by all measures. And I have no idea what kind of skill level you are at. But if you are a beginner, I have three tips.

  1. Learn tile real estate. If you place a unit in the open, it can be attacked from four directions. Place a unit on either side, and now it can probably only be attacked from one direction! Placing your units in formations so that they can be attacked fewer times, with tankier units on the edges can be a good strategy in many cases.
  2. You don’t always have to attack. Sometimes it is a good idea to literally plonk your unit down next to the enemy and NOT attack, and instead be prepared to be attacked in the enemy phase. If you attack, and the opponent then attacks again on their turn, and dies, your unit is now exposed to be attacked again. If you have a glass cannon unit, this can be bad… So instead you might put your unit there and expect to be attacked, because you can probably handle one attack.
  3. Play different Fire emblem games. You don’t need to finish them. But if you never played an older FE, do that. If you never played a newer FE, do that. Just try some different ones out, as well as romhacks. But depending on your skill level, I would start with the easier ones, and work my way up. Mekkah did a FE difficulty tier list. I am not enough of an expert to dispute his tier list, so maybe have a look at that… Ranking All Fire Emblem Games by DIFFICULTY - YouTube

Of course, I am a scrub and my opinion may be bad.


In my eyes, the best way to get better is to play something difficult, but not like… FE12 style difficult. Something that directly engages your brain meats. Iron Emblem is a good one, since for the most part, it’s based on generics and stat deflation, so you really need to take advantage of every tool.


I think identifying key threats is something that makes you far better at fire emblem. As stated above you will have to do some basic math and look at enemy stats and inventories to figure it out.

It’ll start by identifying that the archer is a threat to your flier. Then you can think about an axereaver against your axe user. Then eventually noticing a particular tough enemy with an iron blade.

If turn by turn you can identify the most dangerous threats and either neutralize them (via sleep, freeze, stun, silence whatever) or kill them before they can do their dangerous thing you can clear maps both quickly and safely.


Guess I should of been clearer. I’m very good at it myself, this post was just for my friends and family that are interested at getting better.


Ok I will try to give shorter advices as i can

Be patient and chill: most of fe. Games are hard the first time you play them and you possibly would loose over and over. Sometimes even the same chapter. So be chill, it’s just a game. If you are continuously loosing just take a break and try it again later. That break can takes even days. But not weeks. If you are trying to beat a fe. Game you can’t take long breaks cause you would be out of practice once you return to the game. So if you ever pause a game and you haven’t touched it per weeks or month it would be better if you start it again.
Also. If some event takes your guard off and you loose an unit or even the chapter; don’t be mad, now you know what may happen so just be prepared for that event the next time.

Those are my advices
I hope you liked them


I’ve seen that tier list, and I disagree that FE1 is all that easy. Not being able to see battle forecasts makes it harder, but even if you calculate every combat, there’s no saving you from low% crits because there is no way to lower the enemies’ crit chance.

But if you want to get better at Fire Emblem, practice, practice, practice.


Get good at formation and charging the enemy. Normally you could just turtle your way through most maps but some maps demand that you play fast.

Use units that can effectively take out enemies and make sure to protect them if they’re too frail. Never leave them exposed since that could lead to them dieing and no one wants that, unless you want it.

Just make sure you’re always making progress towards the maps objective, but if you need to take a small stop to recover your units then you should.

Hope this helped


Well since everyone has given tips which are impotant just a basic tip when your are surrounded by enemy from all 4 then your target always shows the one above you as first target eg

Then right

Then bottom
Then left
If you have a 2 range weapon its the same but it shifts to 2range above u then 2range right then 2range bottom 2range left and comes back to 1 range top and goes on (same for 3 range above right below left)
Note: i am talking about auto target right after pressing attack and choosing weapon this is not the result when you press keys.
This is helpful for those who are blood thirsty like me and goof up some times attacking wrong units

Weapons with 10 range like bolting attack the most far away one and moves from right to left when all enemy on suppose tile 10 dies it searches enemy on tile 9 goes right to left then tile 8 then repeat


I thought it just prioritized clockwise

Idk man its kinds random for diff emulators its the most random when using bolting mine is not 100% accurate buts its there to give a rough idea

Ya i tested it some times it goes clockwise like u say out of 5 (4times) and (1 times) it skiped the right idk anymore i guess since clockwise occured more i will edit it to clockwise.

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Ok i would like to correct something here
If you press right this is the result if u press left then your target changes to up down right left respectively i found what the variable was. Ya its been a month but i just wanted to get it out of my head

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Yeah honestly this is my experience too–I got significantly better at FE by throwing myself into the deep end with 11H5 back in the day and learned not to rely on stuff like arena (as a teen i thought all rpgs just expected grinding and H5 arena was too brutal to do that but then I discovered I can just do this nogrind and never looked back)

I don’t think it works for everyone but it sure worked for me!